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We are a friendly, specialist watch dealer our main interest being rare and vintage Rolex sports / divers watches - see list on the right.

Do you have a Rolex sports / divers wrist watch that you want to sell quickly for cash at a fair price? If so, please fill out the 'Watch Sellers Form' above and provide as much information as you can.

We will also consider buying other collectable men's sports or divers wrist watches.

Please note the following:

  we are trade buyers and do not pay full retail prices
  we claim no affiliation to the Rolex Watch Company of Geneva

We will buy high quality

  Rolex Submariner / Sea-Dweller
  Rolex GMT Master
  Rolex Explorer
  Milgauss issue Rolex
  Army, Navy, Rolex Comex

Our Latest Purchases

Rolex "Double Red" Sea Dweller MK5
Rolex GMT Master 1675
Rolex Submariner 5513
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